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Mediterranes Ambiente zwischen Berg und Meer Mit seinen 370 km Wasseroberfläche ist der Gardasee ein riesiger Temperaturspeicher.
A ProbDist classs name (such as mleprobDist or HeldoutProbDist) can be used to specify that classs constructor.
Live, world Rugby Rankings, promo!Parameters: samples ( list ) The samples to plot (default is all samples) cumulative A flag to specify whether the freqs are cumulative (default False) unicode_repr Return a string representation of this FreqDist.Word_similarity_dict( word ) source Return a dictionary mapping from words to similarity scores, indicating how often these two words occur in the same context.Use prob to find the probability of each sample.Steven Bird, Ewan Klein, and Edward Loper (2009).Each production maps a single head word to an unordered list of one or more modifier words.This is the reflexive, transitive closure of the immediate leftcorner relation: (A B) iff (A - B beta) Parameters: cat ( Nonterminal ) the parent of the leftcorners Returns: the set of all leftcorners Return type: set ( Nonterminal ) max_len source Return the right-hand.FeatStructs provide a number of useful methods, such as walk and cyclic which are not available for Python dicts and lists.In order to convert a tree into CNF, we simply need to ensure that every subtree has either two subtrees as children (binarization or one leaf node (non-terminal).Read( sizeNone ) source Read up to size bytes, decode them using this readers encoding, and return the resulting unicode string.A reentrant feature value is a single feature value that can be accessed via multiple feature paths.Class ncordanceIndex( tokens, key function ) source Bases: object An index that can be used to look up the offset locations at which a given word occurs in a document.Featstruct Module Basic data classes for representing feature structures, and for performing basic operations on those feature structures.Return type: bool unicode_repr Return a concise string representation of the ProbabilisticDependencyGrammar help Module Provide structured access to documentation.Return type: int label source Return the node label of the tree.'val 'A semantic valuation, parsed by omstring.Cls determines which class will be used to encode the new tree.
Featstruct.FeatList( features ) source Bases: nltk.
Debug True bytebuffer None A buffer to use bytes that have been read but have not yet been decoded.